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Homedics Cellulite Massager by ELLE MACPHERSON – Masseer Putjes en Sinaasappelhuid op Benen en Billen Weg

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Een berichtje aan jou, van supermodel Elle MacPherson:

“Thank you for purchasing this Cellulite Massager that my team and I have developed as part of my new ‘The Body’ range. Designed with you in mind, my range of products can help you to discover my beauty secrets and maximise your beauty potential. I find that regularly massaging can have tremendous benefits not only on the health of your skin, but on your overall health as well. My Cellulite Massager stimulates lymphatic drainage leading to improved skin tone and texture. It stimulates getting rid of too much waterweight, helping to rid your body of toxins and improve blood circulation. Enjoy the multiple benefits of the anti-cellulite body massager, I hope you’ll find it really helps. Elle”

INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE Powering the unit:

1. To charge the product insert the lead from the charger plug into to hole at the reverse of the unit. Plug the charger into the socket and switch on. Charge time is approximately 5 hours.

2. The LED situated above the power switch will flash continuously whilst the product is charging, once charging is complete the LED will become constant.

3. Once charging is complete always switch off and unplug the charger from the mains. Remove the power cord from the device before use.

4. The product will not operate while it is charging.

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